Strategic Plan 2020-2025

AFPC is a national, not-for-profit association representing the ten faculties of pharmacy in Canada, whose members are committed to excellence in pharmacy education, research and scholarly activities. AFPC's Board of Directors revised the Strategic Plan in 2020 to include new Mission and Vision statements, four strategic priorities and 11 goals. An Action Plan, which includes examples of AFPC’s initiatives to achieve the Strategic Plan, will be reviewed annually.

AFPC Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Planification stratégique 2020-2025 de l’AFPC​


Advancing pharmacy education and research in Canada


Better health for all Canadians through excellence in academic pharmacy


  1. Pharmacy Education
    1. To foster effective collaboration and collective action that supports national initiatives.
    2. To support and promote leadership development and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education.
    3. To champion culturally safe, diverse and accessible pharmacy education for all.
  2. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
    1. To nurture a culture of teaching and learning scholarship in academic pharmacy.
    2. To support members in building capacity for evidence-informed teaching and learning.
    3. To encourage collaborative scholarship that advances the quality of pharmacy education in Canada. 
  3. Innovation in Research
    1. To support faculty and students to excel and collaborate in innovative pharmacy, applied health and pharmaceutical sciences research.
    2. To support members in demonstrating the value and impact of research.
  4. Advocacy
    1. To be the national voice for undergraduate and graduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education and research in Canada.   
    2. To be a knowledge resource for pharmacy education and research in Canada.             
    3. To strengthen relationships with external organizations and stakeholders, and to be an effective advocate for optimal resources for AFPC and its members.


Revised October 2020

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