Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource

AFPC and Canada Health Infoway partnered to develop a national, competency based online resource, called e-Learning for Healthcare Professional Students ( AFPC’s open-access Moodle e-learning platform features ten modules for students in all health professions and ten pharmacy-specific modules in the Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource section. In 2021, 2 new modules were added and 9 modules were updated and redesigned. Three of the modules are also available in French.

The content in the e-Resource is directed towards attainment of the AFPC Pharmacy Informatics – Entry-to-Practice Competencies for Pharmacists. These competencies consist of foundational skills (on device and application use) and 31 indicators, grouped under three categories of competencies (information and knowledge management; professional and regulatory accountability; information and communication technologies).

This unique educational program is designed to be used by faculty members within their respective courses. It is targeted towards pharmacy students in all years and may be completed in sections or in its entirety. Students may access the modules, either as part of their pharmacy programs, or for self-directed study.

AFPC's most recent project with Infoway focused on Safe and Effective e-Prescribing. An interprofessional e-prescribing course is now available in English and French. Designed for use in pharmacy, medical, nurse practitioner, dental and pharmacy technician programs, this peer-reviewed module helps prepare students to use e-prescribing systems safely and collaboratively. Four courses for pharmacy practitioners and prescribers are also available. 

AFPC e-Resource for Healthcare Students and Faculty

Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource 

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