AFPC Special Interest Groups

AFPC has established a number of SIGs to foster leadership, knowledge sharing and collaboration between Canadian Pharmacy Schools. Members of AFPC SIGs share a common interest in advancing a specific area of pharmacy education and scholarship.

Membership in AFPC SIGs is restricted to AFPC members or invited stakeholders/collaborators To join a specific AFPC SIG, or for more information, please email the SIG Chair or the AFPC Exeutive Director, indicating your position, faculty and a brief description of your interest in the SIG topic. 

Educational Assessment SIG       
Ken Cor, Chair                                                   
University of Alberta                               
Terms of Reference
Informatics SIG                                                        
Lisa Bishop, Chair                                                         Memorial University
Terms of Reference
Medicinal Chemistry SIG                                           
Ed Krol, Chair                                                   
University of Saskatchewan
Terms of Reference
PEP-C Experiential Education SIG                            
Ron Eros, Chair
University of Manitoba 
Terms of Reference
Program Evaluation SIG                                         
Robert Renaud, Chair                                                  
University of Manitoba
Terms of Reference
Self-Care Therapeutics & Minor Ailments SIG      
Ravina Sanghera, Chair 
University of Alberta 
Terms of Reference
Skills Lab SIG                                                    
Sheila Ng, Chair
University of Manitoba
Terms of Reference
Truth & Reconciliation SIG                                    
Jaris Swidrovich, Co-chair                              
Elaine Lillie, Co-chair
University of Waterloo
Terms of Reference
AFPC Opioid Working Group                                
Beth Sproule, Chair                                           
University of Toronto
AFPC Academic Electronic Health Record (aEHR) Working Group
Janet Cooper, Co-chair
AFPC Executive Director
Jason Min, Co-chair
University of British Columbia
Terms of Reference
CPERC 2022 Working Group                                






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