AFPC Opioid & Substance Use Initiatives

AFPC Opioid Working Group:

AFPC established an Opioid Working Group to action our commitments in the Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis in Canada. At the November 2016 national summit, over 30 partners signed action-oriented commitments to improve prevention, treatment and harm reduction associated with problematic opioid use. AFPC committed to conduct an environmental scan and to develop recommendations and competencies for pharmacists in pain, opioids, and opioid overdose and opioid use disorder.

The AFPC Opioid Working Group is chaired by Dr. Beth Sproule and includes representatives from each of the 10 Faculties of Pharmacy in Canada. The following reports were developed and approved by the AFPC Council of Faculties (June 2018):

AFPC Opioid Working Group Final Report & Recommendations (June 2018)

AFPC Pain-Opioid Competencies (June 2018)

SUAP Interprofessional Opioid Project: 

AFPC has partnered with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) and the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE-ACFTS) on a three-year interprofessional education project funded by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program. The goal of the Health Professional Education – Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder (HPE-OUOUD) project is to empower the next generation of health care and social service professionals with the knowledge, skills, tools and supports to address opioid-related harms in Canada.

The guidelines, protocols, e-resource and other tools developed through the HPE-OUOUD project will help ensure that future nurses, pharmacists and social workers are prepared to enter the work force well-equipped to address issues related to opioid use with current best practices in health promotion, prevention, harm reduction and treatment.

CASN-AFPC-CASWE SUAP Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder Project Overview

News Release re CACN-AFPC-CASWE SUAP Project (March 29, 2019)  

Interprofessional Guidelines for Opioid Use

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