AFPC Whit Matthews Graduate Student Poster Award

Description of the Award

The AFPC Whit Matthews Graduate Student Poster Award has two categories, graduate and undergraduate/first professional degree. Within each category, a winner will be selected from the students presenting a poster at the Annual AFPC Conference.  Each winner will be presented with an honorarium of $500.00 in recognition of his/her achievement at the Awards Banquet. 

The AFPC Whit Matthews Graduate Student Poster Award, first introduced in the 2005-2006 awards book, is intended to stimulate student interest in research. The choice of Whit Matthews for the name of the award is to recognize former Professor and Dean, A. Whitney (Whit) Matthews (1902-1992) who was instrumental in setting up the Canadian Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties (CCPF) organization in 1944 that would eventually become AFPC. Professor Matthews was the first Chairman of the Committee on Graduate Study and Pharmaceutical Research, a position he held for 12 years. Professor Matthews was a strong believer in the importance of promoting research and graduate studies in Canadian Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy.


  • For graduate category: A student must be in a graduate program at the MSc or PhD level whose primary supervisor is a faculty member in a Faculty, School or College of Pharmacy in Canada.
  • For undergraduate category: A student must be in an undergraduate / first professional degree program whose primary supervisor is a faculty member in a Faculty, School or College of Pharmacy in Canada.
  • To attend and present his/her research work in the poster session of the AFPC Annual Conference. 
  • At the time of abstract submission, all graduate / undergraduate students will be automatically entered into the competition for the AFPC Whit Matthews poster award.
  • AFPC Student Poster awardees, who are graduate students, may also enter the competition but they will receive one award only, either the AFPC best poster or the AFPC  Whit Matthews award.

Selection Criteria:

A peer review committee of at least two professors/investigators will judge posters. Time spent at each poster will normally be 10-15 minutes. Criteria for marking will include the originality of the research, clarity of presentation by the candidate, responses to questions by the reviewers, and the overall look and quality of the poster.

The award will be presented at the AFPC Banquet.


AFPC Whit Matthews Graduate Student Poster Award

See Awards book for details.

Submission of award applications should occur by Email on or before the due date indicated for each award to Harold Lopatka.


2016-2017 Awards Book


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