AFPC Honored Life Membership

According to the Constitution and By-laws of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (Section 4.2.6 and 4.3) Honored Life Membership may be awarded by the AFPC. Sections 4.2.6 and 4.3 reads as follows:

"An Honored Life Member shall be any person whom the Association wishes to honor by election as an Honored Life Member, in accordance with established Criteria. Honored Life Members shall have the right to be a Council Member, to hold elective office, to nominate candidates for elective office, to call a special general meeting, to have access to the books of the organization, to participate in debate on all issues and to exercise one vote on motions put forth at annual or special general meetings."

The criteria are:

  1. On retirement or disablement, an Honored Life Membership will be awarded to individuals who have made major contributions to AFPC and have been members for 10 years (including at least 5 consecutive years at the time of their retirement or disablement) or an active non-member who has made a major contribution to the organization.
    To qualify, the member or an agent on behalf of the member must submit a letter to the Executive Director, outlining that the criteria have been met.
  2. Other persons who are proposed for Honored Life Membership will require a submission to the Council outlining the basis for the award. The application, which can be found in the awards booklet, must be signed by two members in good standing. This will then be presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval. It is intended that this award honour individuals who have made a major contribution to AFPC but who are not eligible to be regular academic members.

Honored Life Memberships will be presented at the annual AFPC banquet held in conjunction with our annual meetings.


AFPC Honored Life Membership

See Awards book for details.

Submission of award applications should occur by Email on or before the due date indicated for each award to Harold Lopatka.


2016-2017 Awards Book


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