CPERC 2020 Accepted Oral and Poster Abstracts published in CPJ

AFPC is not issuing a call for abstracts for the 2021 conference and we will not have a poster session. As CPERC 2020 was cancelled, authors of accepted abstracts for mini and SIG sessions from last year’s conference were invited to present this year.


CPERC 2020 Accepted Oral and Poster Abstracts published in CPJ

AFPC’s 2020 annual Canadian Pharmacy Education and Research Conference (CPERC 2020) was scheduled for May 21-24 in Montreal, Quebec. Regrettably, CPERC 2020 was cancelled in mid-March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

To share some of the pharmacy education initiatives and research that would have been presented at CPERC, the peer-reviewed abstracts accepted for presentation at CPERC 2020 are published in a special supplement of the Canadian Pharmacists Journal (CPJ/RPC November / December 2020, Vol 153, No 6). The 95 abstracts are grouped by oral or poster sessions, under the categories of pharmacy education, pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science. Details on how to cite in the author’s CV for their accepted presentation at CPERC 2020 conference and for abstract publication in CPJ are provided.

AFPC appreciates the support of CPJ and the Canadian Pharmacists Association in helping to promote and disseminate pharmacy education initiatives, educational scholarship, pharmaceutical science and pharmacy practice research.

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