Call For Abstracts

2018 AFPC Annual Conference

75th AFPC Annual Conference and Meetings 
9th Canadian Pharmacy Education and Research Conference (CPERC) 
June 12-14, 2018
Delta Hotel Ottawa City Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Call for Research / Education Abstracts - NOW CLOSED

The Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC) is inviting students, researchers and educators to submit abstracts for the AFPC Annual Conference in Ottawa, June 12-14, 2018.​  Abstracts will be considered for oral presentations (during concurrent mini-sessions or Special Interest Group (SIG) education sessions) or poster presentations. Check out AFPC's website to view abstract submissions for oral presentations and posters from CPERC 2017.

Please note the following information:

• CPERC Conference registration is mandatory for all students, researchers and educators whose abstracts are accepted for presentation.

• The deadline for submission of abstracts to AFPC is February 15, 2018 (instructions and online submission form below).

• Authors will be informed of acceptance no later than March 31, 2018.  Oral and poster presenters must register for the conference no later than May 15, 2018.

• Presentations (for oral and poster sessions) will occur on June 13th and 14th.  The date and time is dependent upon the number of abstracts accepted. Presenters will be advised of their scheduled presentation times.

• Concurrent mini-sessions will be 20 minutes in duration (15 minute presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A).  Topics applicable to contemporary pharmacy education and research including curricular development, innovations in teaching, learning and assessment, experiential education, admissions, faculty-led pharmacy practice innovations and findings from educational research, and scholarly inquiries are of interest.

• Concurrent SIG education sessions will be presented under the following AFPC SIGs: Assessment; Evaluation; Experiential Education (PEP-C); Medicinal Chemistry; Skills Lab; Social and Administrative Pharmacy.  Presentation length will be determined by individual SIGs.

• AFPC does not assume responsibility for any conference attendance or registration costs for oral or poster presenters.

• Standard audiovisual equipment (LCD projector, laptop, screen and podium with microphone) will be provided.  Presenters will be required to have their presentation on a memory stick.

•​ Poster boards will be available.

Instructions to authors for abstract submission (for concurrent oral mini-sessions, SIG education sessions, and poster presentations)

Only abstracts that conform to the prescribed format outlined below will be reviewed. Abstracts that do not adhere to this format may be returned to authors for correction, only if time permits. The following instructions must be observed:

  1. Poster abstracts should outline study objectives, statement of methods, summary of results and statement of conclusions.
  2. Concurrent session abstracts (i.e., mini-sessions and SIG presentations) should include a description of the session, including the goals/intent of the presentation, description of the project/initiative and the relevance to pharmacy education and/or research, as well as a 2-3 sentence summary of the session for inclusion in the conference program.
  3. Abstracts must not exceed 350 words including the title and author affiliations. (Note that the 350 word count excludes the 2-3 sentence summary of an oral session for inclusion in the conference program.)
  4. Abstracts must be written in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. The preferred font size and typeface are 11-point Calibri. Use the Symbol font for symbols and Greek letters.
  5. Abstracts should be typed single-spaced.
  6. The title of the presentation should be typed bold in Sentence case (not all capitals) and be left-justified.
  7. The authors' names and addresses must appear in a new line, in upper and lower case, not indented.  Author names must include full first name, middle initial, last name (in that order). The name of the presenting author should be italicized and preferably in the first position.
  8. The​ corresponding or presenting author is limited to a maximum of six abstract submissions under his/her name.
  9. The affiliation for all authors must be indicated on a separate line using number superscripts if authors are from more than a single affiliation.
  10. One line space should be left between the authors' affiliations and the beginning of the body of the abstract, with no indents. The main text of the abstract should be typed in upper and lower case.
  11. Abstracts that have been presented in another venue within the past 12 months, but have not been published, may be submitted. The abstract should clearly acknowledge work presented previously with the meeting name and date of presentation.
  12. All submissions must be proof read, checked for word count, and spelling.
  13. Please complete the abstract submission form for each abstract submitted. Submit the abstract using the online submission form on or before February 15, 2018. All sections must be completed and the abstract uploaded. The name and contact information for the presenting author must be entered on the online submission form.
  14. In the section "category of submitter", the author must select from "student", "faculty", or "other".
  15. In the section "category that best describes content of abstract", the author must indicate "poster presentation", "concurrent mini-session" or "SIG education session".
  16. If SIG education session is selected, also indicate which SIG your abstract is relevant to: ​Assessment; Experiential Education (PEP-C); Evalutation; Medicinal Chemistry; Skills Lab; Social & Administrative Pharmacy.
  17. Abstracts not accepted as SIG education sessions will be considered for oral mini-session presentations.
  18. Abstracts not accepted as oral sessions may be considered for poster presentations.  If accepted, the abstract may require reformatting to meet poster requirements.


Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada Abstract Submission Form for AFPC Conference

If you do not receive an automated email acknowledgment of receipt of your abstract, please contact the AFPC Administrative Assistant within 24 hours of submission at



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