AFPC Call for 2020 Award Nominations

The call for nominations for the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada 2019-2020 Awards is now open. The Awards & Nominations booklet provides details for all awards, and application forms are available as separate PDF documents. We are pleased to announce that there is a new award this year, the Educational Scholarship Poster Award.

The awards will be presented at the 2020 AFPC Canadian Pharmacy Education and Research Conference (CPERC), being held    in Montreal, May 21-24. CPERC 2020 is being co-hosted by the Université de Montréal and Université Laval.

AFPC 2019-2020 Awards and Nomination Booklet
AFPC Standardized Award Application Form
AFPC / Merck Award Application Form (English)
AFPC / Merck Award Application Form (French)
AFPC / CCPE Pharmacy Student Research Poster Award Nominations (Written Abstract Guidelines)
Available awards and deadlines are:   
(NOTE: as February 1 is a Saturday, the deadline has been extended to Monday, February 3 @ noon EST)  
Undergraduate/Graduate Student Awards:  
1.       AFPC/Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Pharmacy Student Research Poster Award (Due Mar 1/20)  
2.       AFPC/Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Graduate Student Research Award (Due Feb 1/20)  
3.       AFPC/Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research ​(Due Jan 10/20)  
4.       AFPC/Merck Canada Postgraduate Pharmacy Fellowship Award (Due Dates: Dean, Dec 15/19; Exec. Director, Jan 10/20)  
5.       AFPC/Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Whit Matthews Graduate/Undergraduate Student Poster Award  
        (Poster abstract deadline Jan 15/20)  
Faculty Awards:  
1.      AFPC New Investigator Research Award (Due Jan 10/20)  
2.      AFPC National Award For Excellence In Education (Due Jan 10/20)  
3.      AFPC/Pfizer Research Career Award (Due Feb 1/20)  
4.      AFPC Award For Innovation In Education (Due Feb 1/20)  
5.      AFPC/PEBC Award for Excellence in Research or Innovation in Assessment of Competence (Due Feb 1/20)  
6.      AFPC Honoured Life Membership (Due Jan 10/20)  
7.      AFPC Woods-Hughes Special Service Award ​(Due Jan 10/20)  
8.   AFPC Educational Scholarship Poster Award (NEW) (Poster abstract deadline Jan 15/20)  
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